Is New Super Mario Bros. 2 A Bad Game?


Is New Super Mario Bros. 2 a bad game, well maybe not but is not creative or fun in my opinion. I don’t know why but I don’t enjoy the New Super Mario Bros. series, like most gamers I enjoy the Mario Franchise, 3DS Land is a great game and Galaxy is Fun and creative. But that may make you think I only like 3d platformer mario games, not true. I’m currently loving the PS3/Vita Sound Shapes and i have played the 3DS Mutant Mudds and Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack another Vita game, these are great games that show fun and challenging platforming.


This series just feels, well not fun and stale. I’ll play it for 5 minutes and I don’t feel like I want to continue. The way the game pushes you out the level when you die is tedious and annoying and unwelcoming. The game doesn’t feel challenging, but the controls don’t feel right when I play and I end up dying again and again, I have no problem with challenge, I’ll admit I’m not amazing at games, but I do enjoy a challenge. mutant Mudds is punishingly difficult but I still enjoy loading up a level and try to complete it 20 times in one sitting only to just get though it with my teeth grinding together and my thumbs aching.


Another thing that annoys me with the game is they never did anything with the story, I know mario games are never going to be Shakespeare but anyone that has played mario games could have made a story up that involved Wario or something to do with coins. It would have been fun and shown that nintendo remembers all its characters (Game and Wario is not a wario game).

Also some of the choices from what the have and dont have in this game is mind boggling, where is the VS Race Mode, 1-4 player who can complete a selected level in the fasted time, mario games have always been a great game people have tried to speed run, why not make it a part of the game? they have it in 3D Land through StreetPass. Why cant i make a custom Coin Rush, and challenge people. that would have been a great thing for communities, One more very simple thing thats in NSMB U, using your Mii, people love customising, and to see your self grabbing the flag pole and saving the princess, that feeling would have been great.


Could also be the price that put me off deep down, its roughly £30-£40 (i dont understand the eShop price, thats another article completely, i think nintendo want to put people off online purchases, but anyway) just like anything value of what a game is has changed drastically, the 3 games i listed earlier are all under £10 and they are great full packages and offer just as much content( and to be honest i think Sound Shapes offers a lot more, with levels to create and a community to download from). When you compare 3D land and NSMB2, two games for the same system, similar games, and at the same price, its clear to me which one is a better value. if this game was maybe eShop only and £15 it may be a different story, but i really dont know how Nintendo can justify this being the same price as a Zelda title. it would appear i have gone on a tangent…


If i’m honest i do regret buying this game, i do try to enjoy this series, ive played everyone, but i still dont enjoy it. Nintendo really need to make this something that pushes what a mario game could be with community and connectivity. Maybe the Wii U version will do this, it could.

but im disappointed with it and i think gamers in general should be too.


<strong>This is not a review, but my opinion</strong>.


Kerr Henderson

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